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Calls can be forwarded to Czech phone numbers. Time - This specifies the period of time in seconds after which the call will be forwarded.

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The minimum time is five seconds, maximum is 30 seconds. Service - In addition to calls, you can forward other things as well, such as faxes and data transmissions.

In this case, only voice calls will be forwarded. Codes and instructions Call Forwarding - detailed information about the service. An explanation of the following terms can be found at the bottom of this page. Cancel - This temporarily disconnects call forwarding. Pricing information.

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If you are solely concerned with the phone OS, then I would argue possibly as it 'may' have a lower attack surface than the iOS due to lower functionality, but the iOS has a lot more attention from the community and may allow vulnerabilities to be easier to discover? But it's worth considering the pro and cons. You can't lock the screen. Everybody with physical access can read your text messages and call log. For me this phone is a NO-GO. From What does the Nokia relaunch mean for privacy and security? This is the equivalent of the lock screen on your contemporary smartphone.

This is a code that the phone asks for when you insert a new SIM card into it.

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The phones come with the code preset as , but users are allowed — and advised — to change it to another one. The device requests it each time it is switched on — which, given its notoriously long battery life, is not supposed to be that often. This way you are not stuck with the default ones like or However, as you can guess, being able to use just the numbers from 0 to 9 and having just four digits, limits your possibilities to 10, combinations.

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    • Security code This is a code that the phone asks for when you insert a new SIM card into it.