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The R-Series is likely to take the place of the Curve range, which sat below the Bold family in the last generation of BlackBerry handsets.

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What does set the R-Series apart from its predecessors is the fact that it will use a touchscreen display for interaction and navigation, which means that the trackpad has been consigned to the history books, giving it a sleeker design. Other details about the R-Series device that appear in the image remain minimal, although it is thought that it will come with 8GB of onboard storage and a mAh battery, which backs up the claim that this will be a mid-range smartphone, rather than a class-leader.

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In addition, the inclusion of a physical keypad should help to give fans of fast typing something to choose that is not quote so costly. The release date for the R-Series still remains a mystery and since it has not even been confirmed by BlackBerry, we will have to wait to find out a little more about when it will arrive and what it has to offer. While the Z10 and Q10 are definitely going to appeal to high end business mobile users, who want fast hardware and excellent build quality, BlackBerry is certainly in need of a mid range device, that will enjoy the same popularity as the Curve before it.

Hopefully, the R-Series will not be compromised when it comes to the functionality of the BB 10 operating system, because this software is key to persuading customers that BlackBerry has evolved away from its traditional user experience, while still offering the same messaging excellence which made its name in the first place. The R-Series, along with the Q10, will also be useful measures of the size of the audience that still wants physical keypads, rather than touchscreen-focused interactivity.

Those who cannot wait for the R-Series to arrive can experience BB 10 immediately, thanks to the Z10, which of course has a large touchscreen display and no keypad in sight. Alternatively, there are only a few weeks before the Q10 goes on sale in the UK at the end of April, with most observers agreeing that it will be cheaper to acquire as part of a pay monthly contract, as a result of its apparent high up front asking price from retailers.

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